To my teddy bear…

Last night was the best night’s sleep I got in years, I am so sorry I snored. (You do too by the way., lol).

When I texted you last night…and asked to come over, I never in a million years expected you text me back with your address. I really didn’t expect myself to jump in my car and drive over an hour away…not knowing what to expect.

What I got though, was so much better than sex…when you met me at the door, walked me to your room and pulled back the blankets…then outstretched your arm for me to lie beside you…I’m shaking my head still. You were so sweet…

I hope I brought you as much comfort as you brought me…I don’t know what today..or tomorrow will bring..but I thank you so much for last night…even if I did take the long way around to get there, lol.

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