Shout out bishes!

To the two lovely ladies in the community room of the building where I am working today..thanks for getting the juices flowing for the first time in weeks!!!

I’m downstairs using the laundry room when I overheard one woman say to another. “They want you to be able to kill the baby right up until the day it’s born.”

Y’all. I honest to God heard a record player needle scratch across a 45 in my head and thought to myself, Mel (that’s what I call myself, Mel..and I knew the voice in my head was my own because I hear my own mouth run like a duck’s ass on the regular). I thought yourself a favor for once in your life and shut the hell up? You work in this building and you’re wearing a name tag with the company name onit

So, as hard as it was for me to do..I bit my tongue and walked away. Unfortunately for you all…I have a blog. And I’m not gonna shut up here…because frankly..I pay for my website not you and as I’ve said before if you don’t like what I have to say the door is on the right….feel free to unsubscribe, feel feel to close the browser window.

No? Still here…then buckle up buttercup cause the ride is about to get bumpy….


Lady..darlin.. dear heart. I don’t know know what kind of weed you are smoking or what kind of THC or LSD infused Kool aid you are drinking…but what in the wet wild world of what the fuckity fuck are you spewing out of that uninformed mouth of yours???

Lean in every one..n listen closely. No.





Is going to ever ever give an abortion to someone who is about to pop a baby out naturally anywhere. You know why? Because you know what that is called? That’s called this beautiful thing called giving birth. Idiot.

Everything you are suggesting with that absolutely moronic sentence that spewed forth from your beautiful lips goes against the Hippocratic oath. Never heard of it? Google it sweet cheeks. It’s this wonderful lil pledge that a doctor takes that promises that they would never intentionally hurt a patient. It’s kinda like the girl scout pledge only girl scouts can’t go to jail if they break their word.

But…I understand. You read it on the the World wide web…or Uncle Festus’s half sister’s brother in law’s uncle Dad’s cousin twice removed on you mother’s side of the family told you.

I get it I do. But you do you gorgeous..never change…believe it or not the world needs your special kind of stupid to remind those of us with a brain cell that functions without being told what to do of how rare we are…snootchies!!!

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