Back to basics.

Some of you have been following me since the inception of this blog, and I’ve picked up others along the way. You guys are gonna notice that quite a few posts are gone.

There is a reason for that…somewhere along the lines, this blog went from a blog about being self aware, to being one about self pity.


I’m going to try to recover some of my older, more controversial posts, but I’m not sure I can. I sure hope so, because that’s the kind of shit that sparked me to create a blog in the first place.

So, that being said…those that have been with me for the whole ride…bitches and bastards, Melly is home…and it’s damn good to be back.

For anyone new. Coffee is on the counter, there’s weed on the table, snacks are on the right…oh..and the door is on the left. If you ever get offended, don’t let it smack you in the ass on the way out.. I just cleaned it and I don’t want an assprint on the glass.

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