My Lucy

There’s someone very important to me in my life that I don’t know why I’ve never mentioned before.

My Lucy…(no that’s not her real name, but a friend of ours started calling us Lucy & Ethel, and it’s kinda stuck since).

I met her about 6 months ago (she started working at my store, and we clicked like instantly). Most people spend their whole lives looking for that friend that is the “yin to their yang”…but let me tell ya…don’t look anymore. Look for the yangiest mother fucker you can find….cause this bitch is more like me than anyone I’ve ever met. (She says we’re two halves of a whole idiot).

She’s been after me for months, and I’ve been harrassin her to get together and have a girls day out.

Today, we did, and y’all. Calamity ensued. It was awesome, I had so.damn.much.FUN. just hangin with her. (Despite the fact that I tried to kill her an hour into our day together)…but hey, at least the flag man was hot???

Love ya girl, West Virginie doesnt know what they lost in you when you left the state!

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