I almost never get “political” these days, because I’m tired of being accused of being a “snowflake” or something worse. I hate labels on people I really do. No one is a “snowflake” or “radical” or “conservative” in their own thinking, and no one should be judged for an opinion and I’m sick of what this country has come to as far as politics goes as a whole…


I am absolutely disgusted at the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday. Not outraged, not disappointed, just flat out disgusted.

Let’s go back to the days of bathroom doctors with coat hangers, shall we?

Let’s force rape victims to carry thier attacker’s child, give birth to it, etc yes?

Let’s force a 13 yr old victim of sexual abuse to carry a baby that she never asked for, right?

Let’s allow a cancer patient to die because she’s pregnant and if she gets the chemotherapy she desperately needs to live it could cause damage to that child you so want to protect, and then have that child live with some kind of disability because her mother wanted to live because your ego can’t stand the thought of a child that isn’t even a child yet, dying.

Or even the situation that I sometimes frown upon, let’s let a teenage mother be forced to raise a child that she does not want because she used poor judgement one damn time.

Let’s bring another unwanted child into this world to potentially be neglected and abused because some dead beat dad won’t step up.

By all means, let’s allow a child to be born that has some kind of illness that means it will be in a vegetative state all it’s life, right? Or worse, one that will die a horrible death from a disease that will slowly make them wither away.

I’m not going to get into the whole does a fetus have a soul thing…that is a matter of personal opinion, not medical fact and shouldn’t even be considered in making a decision like the one that was made yesterday because, oh I don’t know, in my mind, that’s a religious belief, and I like my religion and my politics to be on far sides of the plate, not all mushed together.

What’s next? What else are you going to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body?

Shall all of us women go back to the days where working was frowned upon, where we lived in fear in our kitchens and cleaned the house like good little Stepford wives? Shall we go back to the days where women couldn’t procure birth control with out some kind of judgement because, God knows, that if you need birth control, you must be some “out of control little tramp that can’t keep their legs together”, not a responsible human being that doesn’t want to bring another poor little soul into this sick and twisted world. Let’s go back to the days that if a woman didn’t “settle down and get married” she was loose.

Let’s make little Susie give birth to 5 kids, then bitch because she can’t take care of them due to the fact that daddy won’t step up, so she has to go on welfare, and spend your hard earned money because she thought she loved and knew someone.

Let’s do that, right?

Because if you don’t see that coming, you haven’t thought this through.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point here. If I haven’t, you’re not the one that’s “part of the solution”, you’re part of the problem, and I’m going to say this for the first time in a long time about political opinions…If you don’t like what I have to say, get off my blog page, at least until someone takes my freedom of speech away too.

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