Unfucking Myself

Step 1. Admit that there is a problem.
Step 2. Identify the problem.
Step 3. Reassure myself that I am not the problem.
Step 4. ” “
Step 5. ” “

Step 1,119. “Get a job.”
For further steps, refer to steps 3-1,118.

I don’t know what song it’s in but there is a song that has a lyric that goes. “I’m so happy, I can’t stop crying…”

That’s where I am right now…I just don’t want to be here, and I’m tired of pretending, I’m not depressed, I’m just so damn unhappy with my life right now…and I owe it all to me.

That’s right…not only do I handle my shit when it happens, I own my shit when I fuck up. How many of you can say that? I don’t blame “the idiot” for being an idiot. I blame me for taking so long to realize that he is an idiot, when everyone all along has been telling me so.

There…who wants to be first in line to say “I told you so?” Never mind, I don’t wanna know, say hi to my friend Eatah on the way out.

On another note…my “self make-over” is well underway…I looked fucking gorgeous today, if I don’t mind saying so….and I never say so anymore. Wanna see?

Who dat biatch?

I’m gonna start walking, and lay off the soda…the journey back to me is going to take a while, but I’m determined as hell. Wish me luck!

Song of the day:

Oh, by the way, If you’re reading this…I miss my friend…you know who you are.

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