Late nights-early mornings, that seems to be my time lately. I feel so peaceful, so calm…it’s like the world is mine, and everything is right with it. Some mornings I’ll turn the TV on, or listen to music, but this morning the only music I need is the sound of the katydids chirping away.

This. This is what I want. This is what I crave. Solitude, and the peace that comes with it. I understand that more than ever in this moment. My heart feels at ease, and my soul at peace, and if I got any more relaxed, I’d be a puddle of goo.

No one is asking me to type something, no one is telling me I’m lazy, or something along those lines. No one is judging me, because I’m alone. *Takes a deep breath*-yeah, I crave this.

Is that wrong of me? To need this inner peace, to crave this quiet relaxation? To want it as much as I can possibly get it?

Maybe…but dammit, after all I’ve seen and done in life, I feel like I deserve it.

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