The price of dignity…

So I came across this post on Facebook tonight that asked if you would stand naked in front of your “3rd mention” for $1,000 a minute for five minutes.


I am blown away by the fact that someone would actually do such a thing. To me, personally….

  1. It’s no different that a form of prostitution…and
  2. I value myself way more than $1,000 a minute.

I mean, come on, that’s $5,000 total. I paid more than that for my damn car, and I’m certainly worth more than a car! The lows that people will stoop to for a little bit of money amaze me.

I’ve been broke….like, bum a smoke, bum a ride, borrow money from one bill to pay another, ramen noodle 5 days a week, broke. At even at my lowest point, such a thing never crossed my mind. Not because I don’t think I’m attractive, or ashamed of myself….because I’m sorry…I’m a goddamned Goddess, and I deserve to be treated like one.

I hate to sound haughty, or stuck on myself, that’s not my meaning. Every woman is a Goddess, they just need to find that within themselves. I found it within me years ago.

So you say some women aren’t built that way? I blame society for that. I blame this stick-thin, super-model ideal that society has of “beautiful”. No honey, beautiful is on the inside, pretty is on the outside, and if you have both, you’re fucking gorgeous to me. I blame the men and women who put each other down on a daily basis, instead of building each other up, I blame Hollywood for glamourizing beauty. I don’t blame those women who can’t find their self-worth, I blame the world for not showing them true beauty.

MEN TOO!! Ugliness and beauty is on the inside, it doesn’t matter if you are male, female, non-binary, blue, purple, black, yellow, pink, green, mixed, or if you have no clue who or what you are. We don’t value true beauty, and respect it near enough.

So those of you who look in a mirror, and don’t feel beautiful…those of you who don’t get told how gorgeous you are, those of you that feel like life has let you down, pull yourself up, because I LOVE YOU!

And those of you who know your worth, and rise above the daily BS to shine…you are my people, and I LOVE YOU TOO!

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