Shattered Glass

What in the blue hell has happened to me? I remember not so very long ago I was a total badass. (Or was that just in my head?) I would roll with the punches of life, bobbing and weaving like Ali vs Frazier, pulling myself up by my bootstraps when life knocked me down, because well….I felt like I didn’t have a choice. Really, what is the alternative? Giving up? Giving in? Not an option.

But lately it seems like life is blasting me with roundhouse after roundhouse, like ol’ smokin’ Joe himself is dealing the blows. And I find myself not wanting to get up. More and more, I want to stay down, I mean….haven’t I fought enough in my life for what I have, for who I am for christ’s sake?

I’ve been wanting to write this one for about a month, but just felt like no one would care….but ya’ll…I care. Maybe it’s that fighting spirit in me, daring life to bring it on, to beat me until I can’t move, to get it over with already.


I’m not about to go into my “health problems” here…they have been well-documented on Facebook. Hopefully, they will be resolved soon.

I started writing this months ago. I just logged in here for the first time in I don’t know how long, because…well…it’s the first I’ve felt like writing anything.

I’m still Ali…bobbin and weavin’, rollin’ with the punches, my bounce-back game is strong, if not a lil slower now.

My whole life can be summed up with one sentence…and I haven’t meant it more than I do right now. “This too shall pass.” (It sure as hell is passing like a damn kidney stone, but it will pass.)

There is a handful of peeps that are sure helping it pass smoother though, and remind me daily that someone cares. (Even if they don’t come right out and say it). I just wanna say to those people. I love you, endlessly, and unconditionally. You are my fam, my partners in crime, my support….my all. You know who you are.

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