Dishes and Penises

The following conversation occurred last night while I was doing the dishes….

Me: Squeezing the dish detergent bottle angrily. “See, dammit, this is why I don’t get the cheap shit.”

Him: “What’s your issue?”

Me: “The damn nozzle is clogged with this cheap ass dish detergent.” Squeezes it angrily in his direction.

Him: “Stick something in it”

Me: “How about your dick?”

Him: “No it’s too small.”

Me: “That sounds like a problem.”

Him: “What does?”

Me: “That your dick is too small for the nozzle.” Squeezes angrily again.

Him: “That’s not what I meant.”

Me: “Too late, now, it’s been said, you can’t take it back.”

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